Happy New Year Maui 2017

Happy New Year 2017 from Maui

buying homes in maui

As we move ahead into 2017, I would like to take a moment to reflect on 2016.  This year has been an interesting year.  I been blessed with working with some amazing clients.  Many of my clients have become lifelong friends with my wife Ivy and I.  I been selling real estate going on 22 years now, and I have to say I enjoy what I do.  Living, working and raising my family on Maui has been a surreal experience, going on 44 years living on Maui.

Maui Real Estate

Maui Real Estate

Looking ahead into 2017 I am feeling that the future is looking good.  Maui contractors have all been busy, which is a good sign.  There has been a shortage of good inventory, with land prices being pretty reasonable, we should see an increase in residential building going on.   Myself I been remodeling my house.  26 years in my Haiku home.  Just rebuild my front porch, and the first of the year remodeled my cottage, which now is a B&B.

Pineapple cottage vacation rental Maui

Pineapple Cottage Vacation Rental Maui

We have had some great events lately on Maui.  Maui Arts and Cultural Center always offers a variety of entertainment.  My wife and I enjoyed country singer Eric Church, was a great night of music.  Then we listen to Uncle Willie K and friends Christmas show inside the Castle Theater.  If you’re around next Christmas season, make sure you catch his show.

Upcountry Maui

Upcountry Maui homes for sale

Another big event for me this year has been joining Elite Pacific Properties.  Elite is the largest luxury real estate company in the state.  They pretty much are on the cutting edge of real estate.  Being a technology geek myself I really appreciate the company.

maui real estate

Maui Friends at Elite Party

Baldwin Beach Maui

Baldwin Beach Maui

On personnel note this year I have added another granddaughter to my quiver, Violet she is eight months old, and spending the holidays with our family.  My family was all together for Christmas, it’s amazing how time flies, kids become parents and my hair is a bit whiter.

maui homes for sale

Christmas with Granddaughters


So my goals for 2017 include rebuilding my website which I started today.  Worker smarter, make good use of my time, get up early and surf when the waves are good, and afternoon windsurf sessions at the end of my work days when the wind is blowing.


If you’re looking for real estate in 2017, keep me in mind and I love referrals.  If you happen to be on Maui, give me a call.  So here’s to an incredible New Year, may you be Healthy, Prosperous and Realize all your dreams this new year.

maui homes for sale

Maui Family


Maui real estate

Maui Realtor













Steven Nickens RS-54097 GRI ABR

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Website: nickensmaui.com

Selling Homes As-Is Pros and Cons

 Selling Homes As-Is Pros and Cons

Maui Island Homes

Maui Island Homes












maui realtorI wanted to feature Bill Gassett a leading national Blogger and respected real estate agent, works with Re-max from Massachusetts.  I really like how Bill shared the Pros and Cons with selling your home As-Is.  I hope you enjoy the article. If you’re thinking about selling your home on Maui give me a call, love to work with you.

Contributions as well from Kevin Vitali and Kyle Hiscock.



What are the pros and cons of selling a home as-is? This is a question you may have thought about if you’re planning on selling a home. Sometimes when you are selling a house that has some issues, selling it “as is” may seem like the easiest course of action.

Most homeowners assume that selling a home as-is means they will not have to make any repairs to the property (which is true) and that selling as-is will be practical and involve the lease amount of stress (which may be far from true).

Before you make the decision to sell your home as-is, you should be aware of what selling as-is entails. There are some significant downsides to selling as-is. Once you understand your options, you may decide that there are better ways to sell your home that will lead to outcomes you can be truly satisfied with.

What Selling As-Is Means

To sell a home as-is means that you are selling the property in its current state, with an understanding that no repairs will be made and that the home will come with all its current faults and issues.

“As is” actually has a legal definition, and the buyer will probably have to sign paperwork indicating that he or she understands the exact terms of the transaction. When you are buying a home “as is” it’s typically spelled out in the purchase and sale agreement.

Launipoko Homes Maui

Launiupoko homes

What Selling As-Is Does Not Mean

Unfortunately, many homeowners are under the mistaken impression that selling as-is relieves them from all the general obligations that come with the sale of a home. They imagine that they can unload the property for whatever price they can get while avoiding the need to talk about or disclose any issues with the home.

Selling as is does not relieve you from your legal obligation to answer questions honestly concerning the existing problems with the home per the rules of your state.

Home in Wailea Maui

Home in Wailea Maui











In Massachusetts, sellers do not have to disclose defects, but they do have to answer any questions honestly about the condition of the home. Non-disclosure is what’s known in real estate circles as “Caveat Emptor” or “let the buyer beware.” The only disclosure a seller is required to make is their knowledge of the presence of lead paint.

Sellers in Massachusetts are also not allowed to hide defects intentionally. Even when you are selling as-is, you have to obey these rules. Sellers have a duty to avoid making misrepresentations of fact or failing to respond truthfully to a specific question from a buyer.

Selling As Is Doesn't Mean Non Disclosure of ProblemsHome sellers should understand, however, that real estate agents are held to a higher standard when it comes to disclosing a home’s defects. Realtors being held to higher standards is due to the Consumer Protection Act which is also known as Chapter 93A.

Realtors, therefore, have an obligation to disclose any fact that could influence the buyer not to enter into a real estate transaction.

For example, if a real estate agent knows that the seller’s basement floods every spring this is something a Realtor has to disclose!

Here are some other examples of issues a real estate agent must disclose to a prospective home buyer:

  • Evidence of a structural defect like a major crack in the foundation.
  • The appearance of mold in the home.
  • Termite damage.
  • The roof has leaked, or there was a prior ice dam that caused damage.
  • The radon levels in the home are higher than the acceptable EPA limit.
  • A major known plumbing or electrical issue.
  • A significant external issue such as obnoxious noise levels.
  • A known legal issue such as a cloud on the title or the property is a short sale.

Obviously, not all problems with a home are clearly evident. Real Estate agents do, however, have a duty disclose if they discover some problem or the owner lets them know.

Over the years while selling property in Metrowest Massachusetts, there have been times where a seller has asked to sell as-is because they have never occupied the home and therefore have limited knowledge of its condition.

Real Estate agents should be particularly careful in this situation. Again, while a seller is not required to disclose potential problems, real estate agents must disclose.

Most sellers are honest and voluntarily provide real estate agents with any known issues they are aware of. In the case of never occupying a home, however, this is much harder to do.

Instances, where sellers have never occupied a home, could include an estate sale or a fix and flip. The latter of which the seller probably could know more than the former.

Most real estate companies ask sellers they are representing to fill out a document called a Sellers Statement of Property Condition. This report outlines what an owner knows and doesn’t know about their home. It allows agents to represent a property more accurately. Filling out this form also lowers a real estate companies errors and omission insurance.

The Problems With Selling As-Is

Drawbacks of Selling a Home As IsYou might be thinking to yourself what on earth could be the issue from a buyers perspective on purchasing a home as-is. Well, unfortunately, there is a negative connotation with buying a home as-is.

These are the potential problems with selling a home as is. Below you will find the disadvantages of selling a home as is.

1. Buyers will perceive your home negatively.

If you are selling as-is, you can bet that most buyers will view your home negatively. They may still try to purchase it, but the moment they see the as-is they will assume that there is something seriously wrong with the property – something bad enough that you can’t afford to fix it, or that it is not fixable.

2. Buyers will low-ball you.

Under the assumption that your home has serious defects, the buyer will bargain with you like you are desperate. You can expect offers that are probably less than what you want, or what your home is worth.

3. You will have to work harder to demonstrate why your home is worth paying for.

You or your Realtor will have an uphill battle to demonstrate to potential buyers that your home is worth a fair price. Because buyers will be coming into the transaction with so much negative baggage, it will be difficult to break through the assumptions to show that there are plenty of reasons why your home is desirable.

Keep in mind there may be a trust issue on the buyers part as to why you are selling your home “as is”. Buyers may automatically assume you are trying to hide something.

4. You will attract fewer buyers.

Because your listing says as-is upfront, you are going to drive away a lot of potential buyers. Even if you are in a position where you want to put minimum effort or money into the home to make a sale, you could still benefit from avoiding the as-is designation in the listing. Let buyers come and make offers, see how you feel, and go ahead and turn down requests to make repairs if you feel it is the right choice.

Reasons To Sell As-Is

Most homeowners should avoid starting off a sale with as-is. However, there are certain situations where selling as-is really is desirable. These reasons include:

1. You really cannot afford to make any repairs.

Why Sell a Home As IsYou may be in a financial situation where repairs – any repairs – are just not feasible. If the property has defects and you have no way to repair them, you may have no other choice but to sell as-is.

However, try to keep an open mind and talk to your Realtor before you make a hard decision on selling as-is. Your Realtor may be able to come up with some creative solutions that will allow you to avoid selling as-is, or at least avoid putting it in your listing right from the beginning.

2. You really cannot handle the stress of a home sale.

Sometimes homeowners find themselves in situations where they have to sell their home, but they are truly unable to deal with the stress that a drawn-out sales process entails. If you are seriously ill or otherwise incapacitated and do not believe you are capable of dealing with the selling process, you may decide that selling as-is makes the most sense.

Again, make sure to explore all your options before making a final decision on selling as-is. If you can get help from friends or family, or if your Realtor offers to take care of all the stressful aspects, you can probably get a better price for your home if you avoid selling as-is.

3. Financial distress.

Sometimes an owner will find themselves in serious financial distress and needs to sell their home immediately in as is condition. One viable option in this scenario is contacting an investment company like We Buy Ugly Houses or another one like them. These type of companies are perfect for those distressed sellers who need an immediate sale.

Investment companies like We Buy Ugly House usually pay cash and purchase in as-is, where-is condition. The downside, of course, is that these kind of home flipping companies are going to be looking to purchase your home for pennies on the dollar. Do not expect them to pay anywhere close to the market value.

Accepting an Offer and The Subsequent Home Inspection

There other time selling “as is” comes up is after an offer is received but before the buyers home inspection takes place.

Sometimes in a home sale, the negotiation between a buyer and seller can be arduous. From a sellers perspective, the thought process is “I just gave the buyer an incredible deal”. Over the years, many sellers have said to me during the last round of negotiating an offer to tell the buyer’s agent there will not be any further seller concessions after the home inspection.

In other words, let the buyer know they are buying the home “as is” and I am not coming down another dime on the price or making any repairs for any defects discovered. Many sellers having sold homes in the past understand that a home inspection can be a second round of negotiations. Sellers try to head off these unreasonable home inspection requests before they ever happen.

The Compromise

There are times when a seller has a little bit of money to invest into their property prior to listing it for sale. In this circumstance, it may make sense to do a few improvements prior to listing for sale.

For example, nothing goes further when selling a home than a fresh coat of paint. If you have rooms that need painting or wallpaper that should be removed, doing so can be one of the highest returning investments. Selling as is when you can afford to compromise a bit may make some sense. This is something you should discuss with your real estate agent. Your agent should also be able to point out other

Selling as is when you can afford to compromise a bit may make some sense. This is something you should discuss with your real estate agent. Your agent should also be able to point out other things that should be fixed before putting the home up for sale.

Pricing Properly

Pricing a home properly is a skill and an art. Unfortunately, some real estate agents do an absolutely horrible job of pricing a home correctly. Putting the right price tag on a home is even more difficult when selling a home as-is. Many Realtors are not skilled at estimating repairs and improvements that are necessary. Given this, lots of homes end up being overpriced when selling as-is.

Be sure to look at the agents list price to sale price ratio and average days on market statistics before hiring them. It would be a good idea to specifically ask for this information on any homes they have sold as-is!

Talk To Your Realtor

Every home sale is unique – involving a unique property, and a unique seller(s) that have specific needs, goals and limitations. You may really need to consider selling as-is. Or, you may just need a sales plan that caters to your specific situation. The best way to determine what your options are is to speak to your Realtor. He or she can look over your specific home and you can explain what you want/need. Then, your real estate can help to guide you through the steps of selling your home, on your terms.

Condos in Kihei

Condos in Kihei

Additional Helpful Home Selling Articles

Use these additional resources to make smart decisions whether you are selling as-is or on your own.

About the Author: The above Real Estate information on the pros and cons of selling a home as is was provided by Bill Gassett, a Nationally recognized leader in his field. Bill can be reached via email at billgassett@remaxexec.com or by phone at 508-625-0191. Bill has helped people move in and out of many Metrowest towns for the last 29+ Years.

Thinking of selling your home? I have a passion for Real Estate and love to share my marketing expertise!

I service Real Estate sales in the following Metrowest MA towns: Ashland, Bellingham, Douglas, Framingham, Franklin, Grafton, Holliston, Hopkinton, Hopedale, Medway, Mendon, Milford, Millbury, Millville, Northborough, Northbridge, Shrewsbury, Southborough, Sutton, Wayland, Westborough, Whitinsville, Worcester, Upton and Uxbridge. If you’re looking for real estate in Massaschusett, you can visit Bill Gassett website, he is a wealth of information.

Maui real estate

Maui Realtor

Looking to buy or sell real estate on Maui, I have been selling real estate on Maui for 21 years. You can visit my website at nickensmaui.com.

Steven Nickens RS-54097 GRI ABR

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Cell:  808-280-2208

Email: nickens@maui.net

Condominiums in Kihei Maui

Condominiums in Kihei Maui

Maui real estate

Maui Realtor

Life’s a beach, if you live in Maui.  Finding the right condominium to buy can be a challenge.  I would like to recommend condominiums in Kihei, Maui from the Mana Kai oceanfront condominiums to the Royal Mauian oceanfront condos in Kihei, Maui.  Kihei is one of Maui’s most popular destinations.  There is something for all Maui visitors, from affordable to luxury beach front condos along the Kihei coastline.  North Kihei has oceanfront condos like the Sugar Beach condominiums or the popular Kihei, Beach oceanfront condominiums.  North Kihei is a little quieter with less traffic with beautiful beaches for morning walks and evening Hawaiian sunsets.

Condos in Kihei

Condos in Kihei

If you’re looking for luxury oceanfront condos in Kihei, the Royal Mauian is the queen of the coast.  They are older but well maintained condominiums offering panoramic ocean views from most of the units.  You are also right in the heart of Kihei, with so many fun things to do.  Kamaole Beach Park II is right there for morning swims and to enjoy a little Hawaiian sun.  The Mana Kai sits in the gateway to Wailea on Keawakapu Beach.  The Mana Kai oceanfront condominium has it all.  You have Five Palms restaurant, a receptionist to better serve you, an amazing pool, and one of Maui’s beautiful beaches, Keawakapu Beach.

kamaole sands kihei maui

Kamaole Sands Kihei Maui

Another popular condominium in Kihei, Maui is Maui Kamaole.  Maui Kamaole offers spacious condos with two pools.  Kamaole Sands condominiums are popular because of the location. The beaches, shopping, markets and restaurants are all in close proximity.   Kamaole Sands is also located across from Kamaole III Beach Park, great for sunsets, a grass park with barbecue grills and showers & public bathrooms.  Kamaole Sands is a very popular island destination, with tennis courts and pools.  Kamaole Sands stays pretty busy year around, making it one of my top picks for vacation rentals.

Kamaole Sands Maui

Kamaole Sands Maui

Maui Banyan is another of my picks if you’re looking at buying a condo in Kihei, Maui.  Maui Banyans offers great value for your money.  There are so many other condos on my list so if you are interested to hear more of what is available, give me a call, I would love to help you find that right condo in Kihei, at the right price.  You can search all homes and condos for sale in Kihei from my website.  You can sign up for email updates on all new homes and condos in Maui.  If your looking for condominiums in Kihei, you can search for all active condos for sale in Kihei from my website.

Condos in Kihei Maui

My name is Steven Nickens, I have been lucky to call Maui home for 43 years and I’ve been selling real estate here for 21 years.  I am proud to say I work with Elite Pacific Properties, who is #1 in luxury sales in Hawaii.  If you need to sell a condo you own on Maui, I will definitely be able to assist you.  Talk to me about our six-point marketing plan, and how Elite Pacific Properties will market your condominium to the world.  If your looking for a vacation rental on the Paia, Haiku side of the island, visit Pineapple Cottage.  Two bedroom cottage on 2.5 acres, private and relaxing on Maui’s north shore.



Maui Realtor













Kihei Homes in South Maui

Luxury Homes in Kihei Maui


Maui Realtor

Maui Realtor

Life on Maui’s south-shore is a popular island destination for Kihei homes. Kihei Maui is known for its beautiful beaches, sunny weather throughout the year, great restaurants and shopping.  Many people like to call Kihei home.  You have a variety of options if you’re thinking about buying a home in Kihei Maui.

Kilohana Ridge is the perfect place to call home.  What is great about Kilohana Ridge, is it’s a new subdivision and within walking distance to Keawakapu Beach, one of Kihei’s most popular beach. You have quality constructed homes, one and two story homes.  ( Search all homes in Kilohana RidgeI also like that it’s just a few minutes away from Wailea Resort and all that Wailea has to offer from golf, pristine beaches, shopping and dining.

Homes in Maui

Homes in Maui

Other popular neighborhoods include Moana Estates luxury homes.  Moana Estates is another development that offers quality homes in a recently completed neighborhood.  You can search all homes for sale in Kihei from my website.  Kea Alii Kai is just up the road from Kamaole Beach II.  Located in South Maui, again close to schools, beaches and shopping.  Working with some clients they prefer living close to the beach, compared to living say in Wailuku or Upcountry Maui.  There are also some amazing oceanfront homes in Kihei in Keawakapu Beach, just a stone’s throw to Wailea.  North Maui also offers some quality Kihei homes to choose from.

Beach front homes in Wailea Maui

Beachfront homes in Wailea Maui

You need to do some research as far as what you’re looking for in a home as far as location, size of lot and quality of finishes.  Many times, 2nd home buyers looking for home want to get away from cold winters in the mainland, desiring warmth and easy access to the beach.  They don’t necessarily need a large property to take care of, but a home that is easy to lock up for the season till they return. That is why places like Wailea, and Kihei are so appealing to many home buyers on Maui. Search all homes in Kihei Maui from nickensmaui.com.

Kihei Oceanfront home Wailea

Kihei Oceanfront home Maui

So, on your journey to find that perfect Kihei home on Maui, that’s where a good Realtor with years of experience can really make a difference finding the right home on Maui.  My name is Steven Nickens, and I work with Elite Pacific Properties.  I been selling homes on Maui for 21 years, and calling Maui home for 43 years.  You can sign up to receive email updates on all new Maui homes coming on the market in Wailea, and Kihei Maui.  Many Maui buyers start their search first on the internet, but there can be many challenges finding the right property and timing is everything.  So, give me a call I would love to help you find that perfect home on Maui. I also work all over on the island of Maui, from Upcountry to Kaanapali Maui.


Maui Realtor

Maui Oceanfront Homes Northshore

Luxury Oceanfront Homes on Maui’s Northshore

Paia Maui Oceanfront home

Paia Maui oceanfront home


The North Shore of Maui is known for windsurfing, kiting and surfing.  You also have Maui oceanfront homes on the northshore for unique island living. You have a lot of world class action that takes place in Spreckelsville, Hookipa Beach Park and Peahi Maui, or known as Jaws.  If you happen to be looking for ocean front homes on Maui’s Northshore, there are several oceanfront homes to choose from. 

windsurfing maui

Windsurfing Maui

Just recently we had a couple big events on Maui’s Northshore. First off is the Nova Nova Aloha Classic windsurfing event.  It lasted for about a week in a half, with excellent conditions.  Couple Maui boys took top honors, Kevin Pritchard taking the win and exhibiting some amazing windsurfing skills in all kinds of conditions.  Second place finisher was Marcillo Browne beating out Maui’s Levi Siver taking third place.  I was at the event on a couple of the big days, these guys were ripping.

Maui oceanfront homes

Maui Oceanfront Homes

In-between the Aloha Classic, they held the Peahi Challenge Big Wave Event.  My son Micah Nickens is the marketing manager and handles the international pro surf team.  He manages to get his dad a VIP PASS.  Yes, I was excited to hang out with the best big wave surfers in the world.  Maui boy Billy Kemper took the win for the men’s in 20 to 25ft waves.  Maui’s Paige Alms took the win in the women’s division taking a few on the head and showing real skill surfing big waves at Jaws Maui.

Homes in Paia Maui

Homes in Paia Maui

So, the north shore of Maui is a very exciting place to call home.  There are several amazing oceanfront homes currently on the market.  One of my favorite properties is 22Waa Pl.  Beautiful oceanfront home, with 1.28 acres.  Luxurious two story residence that offers sweeping views of the Northshore. Home offers 7,384 sq.ft. of luxury living space overlooking the pool area.  There is also guest quarters build on this property.  Originally listed at $10,000,000, price has been reduced to $8,500,000 which at this price would be hard to buy the land and build out this impeccable island home.  You can view this manicured oceanfront home in Kuau Maui.

windsurfing Maui

My wife Ivy and sister  Vida, Maui girls

Recent sales also include 594 Stable Rd. 3.61 acres, three tmk’s, with three homes.  This oceanfront estate in Spreckelsville Maui sold for $18,000,000.  Another great ocean front home in Kuau Maui, was 23 Waa Pl. Another brand new oceanfront home with 6,258 sq.ft of living space, pool and guest quarters sold for an amazing price of $6,000,000 which was a steal.  You can view all oceanfront homes for sale from my website.

windsurfin on maui

Steve & Swiss clients and good friends

So if you’re looking for oceanfront real estate on Maui, Spreckelsville, Paia and Kuau area have a wide selection of unique island homes for sale.  You can visit my website to view all homes from Paia to Haiku Maui.  I have called the Northshore my home for over 40 years, selling real estate for 21 years.  So, give me a call and we can discuss about buying a home in Maui.  I also work all over the island from Wailea, to Kaanapali Maui.  Living on the north-shore is all about lifestyle.  I raised with my wife four kids, two are experience Maui watermen.  I took up windsurfing in the last five years, been surfing all my life. I love the life style Maui has to offer.  Keep in mind if you’re going to visiting Maui, I have a licensed B&B 2BR cottage that has a 5-star rating on VRBO & Air B&B.

Aloha see you soon.

Maui Realtor

It’s on Nova Nova Maui Aloha Classic Windsurfing Event

Welcome to the Nove Nove Maui Aloha Classic 2016

windsurfin on maui

Steve & Swiss clients and good friends

Today starts the event with the best windsurfers in the world will be competing for honors of taking the title of Maui Aloha Classic Champion.  Conditions are looking awesome with strong tradewinds, and huge surf on the forecast.
There are 130 windsurfers registered for the event.  In the men’s pro event you will have AWT leaders Boojmaa Guilloul and Maui’s Morgan Noireaux battling for top honors.  Women’s pro division Ingrid Larouche and Sarah Hauser will be battling for the title. But local girl Vicky Abbott could upset the apple cart.
This is looking like a really exciting event with big waves and windy conditions, and other big names like Marcilio Brown and Levi Siver couple of my favorite Goya Team riders.  Other stand outs Bernd Roediger, Kai Lenny, Graham Ezzy and Maui ripper Conner Baxter.

Maui Windsurfing

Maui windsurfing

So as soon as I can gather my video camera, I am heading down for some serious ripping going on at the Nova Nova Maui Aloha Classic.


If you’re looking for accommodation on Maui’s northshore, we have a license B&B Pineapple Cottage in Haiku Maui. Check us out at http://haikumauivacationrental.com/

Haiku Maui vacation rental

Haiku Maui Vacation Rental

Maui Realtor

we have 5-star rating on VRBO and AIR B&B.  So hopefully see you at the event.  If you have any real estate questions, I been selling real estate on the northshore for 21 years, calling the northshore home for over 40 years, so give me a call.




Keala O Wailea Luxury Town Homes

I want to introduce a new project that is breaking ground in Wailea Resort.  Keala O Wailea, consisting of 70 luxury townhomes.

Keala O Wailea

Keala O Wailea

They are currently pouring slabs and should start framing in a couple weeks. There are seven building with 10 units per building.  Six of the building have excellent ocean views over looking the Wailea Blue Course.  Floor plans for two and three bedroom units, range from 1,312 to 1,715 sq ft of luxury living.  I was very impressed with the layout and the excellent ocean views. Out of 70 units there are 20 units left on the market.  Current prices range from $799,900 to $2,149,900.  please give me a call for the most current prices. Keala O Wailea townhomes is a long term housing development, meaning they don’t allow vacation rentals with this project. You are located close to Wailea Tennis Club, shopping at The Shops at Wailea, and minutes away to some of the most beautiful beaches in the State of Hawaii.

Condos in Wailea Maui

Condos in Wailea Maui

If you are planning a trip to Maui and have questions about buying Wailea real estate.  I would love to meet with you at our office in Wailea, or maybe over a cup of coffee and talk about Keala O Wailea Townhomes, or other luxury homes and condos for sale in Wailea Maui.

Condos in Wailea Maui

Condos in Wailea Maui

My name is Steven Nickens, an I work with Elite Pacific Properties.  Maui has been my home for over 43 years, and I been selling Maui real estate for 21 years, resort and residential real estate. As we say “lucky we live Maui”.  If you’re thinking about selling you’re Maui home or condos, I would love to share the advantages with listing you’re property with Elite Pacific Properties, #1 luxury real estate firm in the State of Hawaii. So make Maui your next island destination and home away from home.  Discover for yourself, the prestigious Wailea Resort.  You can search all Maui real estate from my website.


Maui Realtor

Market Sales in Wailea Maui Homes

Kihei Oceanfront home Wailea

Kihei Oceanfront home Maui

Wailea Real Estate market has been steady. Below I have list of new active, pending and sold for Wailea Homes. If you would like to view all active listing in Wailea Maui, just follow the link.

HIGH $21,500,000 $13,000,000
LOW $1,125,000 $1,025,000
AVERAGE $5,523,029 $5,042,714
MEDIAN $3,850,000 $3,999,00

ACT370933$1,475,000371 Pualoa Nani Pl

ACT370017$1,600,000152 Heleuma Pl Wailea Kialoa

ACT367748$1,895,000170 Alaula Pl

ACT 288Wailea Kialoa ACT370507$1,998,000

ACT370245$2,095,00045 Hale Hookipa Way Wailea Fairway Estates

ACT $2,198,0003122 Kikihi St Wailea Kialoa

ACT370596$2,295,000171 W Panana Pl33.502,519OceanNone53Wailea Kialoa

ACT368121$2,400,000354 Pualoa Nani Pl33.002,690Mt/OcNone263Wailea Pualani

ACT368673$2,475,000295 Pualoa Nani Pl44.502,755OceanNone222Wailea Pualani

ACT370819$2,517,2453176 S Noho Loihi Pl43.503,610MtNone33Wailea Pualani

ACT370648$2,750,000183 Alaula Pl45.003,573OceanNone48Wailea Kialoa

ACT370515$2,999,000344 Pualoa Nani Pl43.502,905Mt/OcNone62Wailea Pualani Estates

ACT370701$3,200,000306 Pualoa Nani Pl45.503,368Mt/OcNone42Wailea Pualani

ACT369734$3,488,8004341 Wailina St33.502,963OceanNone132Wailea Golf Vistas

ACT369434$3,575,0003913 Wailea Ekolu Pl33.503,648OceanNone159

ACT367837$3,850,0004358 W WAIOLA St34.504,331Mt/OcNone280Wailea Golf Vistas

ACT369486$3,960,6000 Halau Pl33.503,220GCASF Ocean 155Wailea Golf Estates II

ACT370657$4,200,0003977 Wailea Ekolu Pl44.504,079Mt/OcNone47Wailea Golf Estates

ACT368222$4,590,000127 Manalo Pl44.003,948Mt/OcNone256Wailea Golf Vistas

ACT369308$5,988,8003907 Waakaula Pl44.505,423OceanNone169Wailea Golf Estates

ACT371073$6,495,000292 Akaula Way46.006,206OceanNone6Wailea Highlands

ACT370677$6,500,0004280 Melianani Pl44.504,831OceanNone46Wailea Highlands

ACT368260$6,950,0003981 Wailea Ekolu Pl44.503,435Mt/OcNone253Wailea Golf Estates

ACT367584$7,300,0005417 Makena Rd46.004,052OceanASF Ocean 302Makena Sunset


ACT369489$7,995,00024 Malukai Ln44.004,749OceanBeach154Maluhia at Wailea

ACT362929$8,200,000280 Akaula Way44.207,716OceanNone687Wailea Highlands

ACT367585$8,400,0005419 Makena Rd46.004,052OceanASF Ocean 302Makena Sunset

ACT366400$8,950,0007131 Makena Rd56.005,129OceanASF Ocean 393

ACT365363$9,800,0004950 Makena Rd44.504,370OceanOcean481Makena Place

ACT370564$9,988,0007155 Makena Rd44.006,5101682Mt/OcASF Ocean 56

ACT370984$9,995,00018 Ualei Pl54.507,506Mt/OcASF Ocean
12One Palauea Bay

ACT369925$10,800,00 000 4690 Makena Rd33.002,968OceanBeach117Makena

ACT370274$11,900,00 000 4482 Makena Alanui Rd44.505,590OceanNone83Keauhou at Makena

ACT367756$21,500,00 0
7555 Makena Rd44.505,680Mt/OcASF Ocean

In escrow

PNDS370225$2,200,0004354 Wailina St43.504,011Mt/OcNone88Wailea Golf Vistas

PNDS370753$2,495,00070 Hale Hookipa Way44.507,466OceanASF Ocean 40Wailea Fairway Estates

PNDS367227$2,950,000342 Kualono Pl54.503,687OceanNone


314Wailea Pualani SLD370220$1,125,000$1,025,00061 Pukolu Pl54.002,884OtherNone779/30/2016Wailea Kai

SLD369186$1,150,000$1,100,0003360 W Lani Ikena Way33.001,851GVNone1659/26/2016Wailea Pualani

SLD367684$1,495,000$1,375,000384 Kualono Pl32.002,187OtherNone2749/20/2016Wailea Pualani

SLD362858$4,650,000$3,999,0005083 Makena Rd33.502,518OceanASF Ocean 6669/16/2016

SLD367583$6,750,000$5,900,0005415 Makena Rd44.504,164OceanASF Ocean 2488/18/2016Makena Sunset

SLD367624$9,998,880$8,900,0004328 Melianani Pl33.505,188OceanNone2398/11/2016WAILEA HIGHLANDS

SLD367602$19,900,00 0 $13,000,00 0 7750 Makena Rd22.002,700Mt/OcOcean2629/2/2016

If you’re looking at buying a home in Wailea Maui, give me a call, I would love to help you find that perfect home or condo in Wailea Maui.

Maui Realtor

wailea realtor

Just Sold 33 Kai Nana Pl. Kula Maui, Kula Real Estate

I just sold this Kula Home at 33 Kai Nana Pl. Kula Maui.  Owning a home on Maui is life changing.  It’s a lifestyle change that always follows, maybe you dreamed of the perfect garden, flourishing with flowers and vegetables.  From this island home at Kai Nana Pl. it’s just a short trip down to the ocean for a windsurfing or surfing session.  Just maybe you would like to sign up for an art class at the Hui No”eau Visual Arts Center.

Homes in Kaula Maui

Homes in Kula Maui

33 Kula Nani offers two bedrooms with a large master bedroom with bamboo floors. What I really like about this home was the location.  Close to the store for grocery’s and Kula Bistro for great dinning, with tennis courts just down the street.  This Kula home was listed for five days before we received above asking price.  Listed at $595,000, closed at $600,000.  It’s really important to price your home within recent sale in the last six months if you want to sell your home.

Buying Homes in Kula Maui

Buying Homes in Kula Maui

So if your looking at buying a home in Kula Maui. Give me a call. I been selling Maui real estate in the Upcountry Kula, and northshore area for 21 years.  You can sign up to receive email updates on all new homes coming on the market.  The Upcountry real estate market in places like Makawao, Pukalani and Kula have been very active this year.  (Search for all homes in Kula currently for sale.)

Kula Maui

Kula Maui

If your thinking about selling your Maui home anytime soon, give me a call.  I would love to talk to you about the value of your home, and provide a comprehensive list of what like kind properties that sold in your area. I also would like to explain how I can best represent you in the marketing and successful sale of your island home.  I work with Island Sotheby’s International Realty.  We have offices in Wailea, Makawao and Napili to better serve you.  My name is Steve Nickens, I been calling Maui home for over 43 years and know the island well.  So give me a call, I will be looking forward to help you with all your Maui real estate needs.

Maui real estate agent

Homes in Maui

Steven Nickens R(S) GRI ABR

Island Sotheby’s International Realty

Cell: 808-280-2208

Email: nickens@maui.net

Website nickensmaui.com

Pineapple Cottage Haiku Vacation Rental


Oceanfront Home Paia Maui

New Paia Maui oceanfront homes on the market.

Paia Maui Oceanfront home

Paia Maui oceanfront home

Homes in Paia Maui

Homes in Paia Maui













If you ever dreamed of living on Maui’s northshore, owning a home in Paia, Spreckesville or Kuau Maui. There currently are some extraordinary oceanfront homes on the market.

I want to feature this Kuau oceanfront home at 81 Aleiki Pl.  This impeccable island home offers seven bedrooms, five baths with a total of 4,966 sq.ft of living space.  You will enjoy warm ocean breezes and relaxed island lifestyle from this Maui oceanfront home.  Enjoy an afternoon relaxing around the pool, picturesque serene, the Best of Maui.  There is also a three bedroom cottage located on .43 acres.  This oceanfront home is listed at $5,800,000. To view more information about this unit you can go to my webpage at nickensmaui.com.  Paia Maui is perfect place to live if you love to windsurf on Maui’s Northshore. Kitesurfing is another big sport on Maui, Launch from your front yard out into the surf. Living the dream on Maui with oceanfront homes in Paia Maui.

Homes on Maui Northshore

Homes on Maui’s Northshore

Oceanfront homes in Paia Maui

Oceanfront Homes in Paia Maui


Below are a couple attachments of other oceanfront homes in the Paia Maui area currently on the market.

22 Waa Pl. oceanfront homes in the Paia area priced at $10,500,000

27 Lae Pl. oceanfront home in Paia Maui. Priced at $6,995,000

72 Lae Pl. oceanfront home in Paia Maui priced at $6,395,000

569 Hana Hwy oceanfront home in Paia Maui priced at $5,788,000

33 Hana Hwy oceanfront home in Paia Maui priced at $5,000,000


Windsurfing is huge on Maui’s northshore.  Windsurf from your from yard, life is pretty cool living on Maui’s north shore.

There are a number of other oceanfront homes priced at $2,650,000 to $4,850,000 in the Paia area.  So if you have questions about buying an oceanfront home on Maui, give me a call.  You can search on my website for homes in Kula, Haiku, and the northshore of Maui.  My name is Steven Nickens, I been selling homes on Maui’s northshore for over 21 years.  So if Maui’s north shore might be a place you would like to call home.  I work with Island Sotheby’s International Realty, I am ready to help with all your Maui real estate needs.


Homes on Maui's Northshore

Homes in Paia Maui

Steven Nickens R(S) GRI ABR

Island Sotheby’s International Realty

Offices in Upcountry, Wailea and Napili

Cell: 808-280-2208

Email: nickens@maui.net

Website: nickensmaui.com

Northshore Vacation Rental: Pineapple Cottage Haiku Maui.