Upcountry Maui-Northshore Maui

Upcountry Maui and Maui’s Northshore!


The Upcountry Kula area and Northshore of Maui is settled along the slopes of Haleakala Crater. Discover homes in Kula offering ranch and residential homes. Starting with the Maui’s Northshore you will experience island life at a slower pace. A morning drive into Paia for a cup of coffee at Anthony’s Coffee. Northshore area consist of Spreckelsville which has oceanfront properties, 2-acre neighborhoods and golf course homes. Winter times the Northshore comes alive with surf, which is a big draw to windsurfers and surfers from around the world. Myself Haiku Maui is home and has been for 36 years. I enjoy the early morning surf before heading to the office in Wailea or Makawao. Hookipa Beach Park is famous for Windsurfing. The whole coast is a play ground for stand up surfer, windsurfing, kiters and surfing.

Maui Northshore Oceanfront Homes

Homes in Paia Maui

On Maui’s Northshore you will find places like Paia town, Paia is an old plantation town. You will find golf course homes in Spreckelsville Maui, and oceanfront homes on Stable Rd. Stable road is a great place to windsurf.  Once in a while I love to launch from the beach, and love the sailing with many great spots to sail from. In Paia town there are great homes in neighborhoods like Kuau Bayview.  Your just steps to the beach, great place for raising the family or a 2nd home.  If you head out to Haiku Maui, you are entering the more tropical side of the island. You will find lush 2-acre lots where you can grow a nice garden, maybe some papayas.  I love the fresh rain that keeps everything nice and green. If you have questions about homes in Haiku for sale, give me a call. Like I said it is home.


As you venture up the mountain to Kula Maui. There are some incredible Kula homes in places like Kula 200. Homes in Kula and range on land size from half acre to 2 plus acres.  Kula has the best growing conditions for strawberries, corn, artichokes and bananas just to name a few.  From a lot of Kula homes you will experience stunning ocean and crater views. Kula has been ranked as some of the best weather in the world.

So if you have any questions on homes in Kula for sale, or places like Pukalani Maui, give me a call. I have worked in the Upcountry Maui area for years. Also sign up for email updates for places like Kula Pukalani and Haiku Maui.